Entertainment with a Magical Touch

"We had so much fun at your event."
"That awards banquet was the most incredible event I've ever attended!"
"My boss gave that smile and wink and a BIG thumbs up.. thank you!"

Is this what YOU want to hear after your next corporate event?

What's the "John Kline" difference? John Kline is a seasoned entertainer,
magician, comedian, and a skilled "people person". He knows how to make
you look good and how to make your guests feel great. John works closely
with your hotel management to make sure that every detail is tended to.
What does that mean? Less work, and less worry for you! John will
customize his presentation to your group with his exclusive pre-event

John will have your guests leaving with a smile on their face, a bounce in
their step, and singing YOUR praises for having put on such a great event.

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